What’s in a Name? EP 15

By now you have heard Mick and Claire talk about their adorable young boys Avett and Escher. On this episode, the duo decide to answer the frequently asked question “How did you come up with their names?” Mick and Claire also go over why you should take the time to contemplate the meaning behind a name whether you are naming a child, a pet or a business.

“Life is beautiful and awful and memorable and it’s worth experiencing all of it.”

-Claire Olinik

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2:22 Protecting our children’s privacy

5:35 The story behind our oldest’s name Avett

7:17 Mick’s top live experiences

8:38 Mick and Claire’s way of dealing with grief

11:29 Honoring the past, and bookmarking the highs and lows of our marriage

16:03 Covering up Avett’s name because of other’s opinions

16:43 Mick’s creative child name

17:10 It’s a boy, again! I knew it!

18:00 The naming of our youngest son Esher   

24:51 Assigning importance in a name


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