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Mick & Claire Olinik are a dynamic couple that have been together for 12 years - being married for 10 of them. Mick has been a business owner and an Internet entrepreneur for over 20 years, while Claire started her professional career in teaching before diving headfirst into entrepreneurship.  Mick has written several books on tech and business, while Claire is a classically trained soprano, recently performing with her elite choral group, Canticum Novum, at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Mick & Claire reside in Traverse City, Michigan with their two intelligent, funny, charming and rambunctious young sons.

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To Curl or Not To Curl

November 26, 2018

Are you comfortable with the status quo? Or do you need to transform your life into something you actually like? Mick and Claire use today’s episode to reflect on how transformation happens to everyone. You need to figure out how to translate that…

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Walking On Broken Glass

November 19, 2018

Your perspective of the world may be an illusion. In today’s society, women battle the idea that they are weak and men are afraid of women who are able to have a voice. Today’s episode dives deep into the presumptions we all have. Join Mick and…

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Being a Man vs Being GOOD at Being a Man

November 15, 2018

For men and the women who have special men in their lives: What is a GOOD man? Join Mick and Claire as they reflect on what a man should be and how he can become that man. Your idea of a “good man” may be missing more than you think. Listen to…

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Vacation-Proofing Your Business

November 12, 2018

Taking a vacation is great, and you deserve it after all your hard work. What is not great is compromising your business while you’re away. On today’s episode, Mick and Claire answer one of the listener’s questions on how do you leave your…

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Pick One Thing and Make It Your B***H

November 8, 2018

Do you feel overwhelmed with things you need to do for events and projects that come your way? On today’s episode, Mick and Claire talk about how they handle those things in their life. Listen in as Claire teaches you one strategy to help you get…

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My Wife, the Control Freak

November 2, 2018

Does planning for everything make you a control freak?  Is being a control freak good or bad? Mick and Claire discuss how planning, or being a control freak, helps them in their marriage, family, and business. Plus find out how they plan for the…

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“The Gap” and Kissing Your Trophies EP 19

November 1, 2018

With all the hard work that entrepreneurs put in on a daily basis, are they stopping to celebrate their wins?  As a couple, Claire and Mick discuss Dan Sullivan’s concept “The Gap” (the distance between what we want and what we have) and…

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