The Business [How to Make It Fit Into Your Family] EP 07

You might be thinking, why is business a part of this podcast, right? More than most people think, business should actually be tied into the relationship you and your spouse have. This is what Mick and Claire believe in. Why, you ask? Because no matter what, you two are “in” the business together.

Any business you’re in, you’re in it together — directly, or indirectly, any decisions you make, affect your relationship. Tune in as Mick and Claire tell us their fair share on how they do business together, what choices and decisions affected their relationship, and how they manage a good working relationship with each other.

“It is in your best interest to embrace the fact that the business is yet another aspect of the relationship.”

-Claire Olinik

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01:49 – Mick’s entrepreneurial background

06:06 – How Mick ended up in North Carolina and met Claire

09:13 – Living off of Claire’s teacher salary while Mick’s startup took time

13:49 – The move to Northern Michigan and how Mick’s deal with Australian clients affected their living

16:01 – Rockstar – The business Mick and Claire run together

Rockstar Express and Rockstar Metrics

26:40 – So WHY is a business part of the relationship?

29:22 – How to create a working relationship with your spouse

30:53 – Compartmentalize! Be willing to step out of the office when it closes

(the business is NOT the primary relationship)

33:32 – How do you make your businesses fit into your family? Tell us here!


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