Our War EP 11

Powerhouse couple they may seem, but who really are Mick and Claire when it comes to their relationship as a husband and wife? This episode gives us not only a glimpse of their past, but it also gives us a clearer view of who they are and how they came to be the people we now know.

Every relationship has its make or break moments. How we react and go through those moments determines our future course. Find out what happened during Mick and Claires time of WAR, how Mick overcame not wanting kids, and what courage it took Claire to stay in the relationship despite every negative thing that happened.

If you cut the rope in any aspect (marriage, family or business) you always have the opportunity to tie it back together. It takes work…but it can be that the 2 ends are even closer than before.

-Claire Olinik

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  • 03:30 – Who Claire and Mick are as a couple? This is what they call their WAR
  • 06:07 – Mick didn’t want kids, Claire didn’t want kids yet. The difference in ever and right now
  • 09:50 – Why Mick thinks he could be a parent without being with his best friend and his family nearby
  • 11:34 – In January 2013, Mick dropped an ultimatum in having kids. Claire had 3 options, move back to NC and never have kids, stay in Michigan and have kids, or leave the relationship
  • 17:10 – The worst for Claire: Staying, trying, and having a miscarriage
  • 19:46 – The couple decides to try again and finally getting pregnant
  • 23:39 – Mick’s unexpected spiritual experience and the message from the song, Dance Hall Days
  • 30:06 – A conscious decision to make it up to Claire and Claire’s choice to forgive Mick
  • 32:51 – We invite you to be real with us. We’d love to know if you have something to share. Tell us here!


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