Lessons Learned from Muppet Babies (Emotional Maturity) EP 06

The dynamics of life have never been like it is today. There can be too much going on at the same time in this fast-paced life that we live in. But have we thought about how we react or respond to certain things? Giving this a thought, Mick and Claire open up about emotional intelligence and emotional maturity.

Facing an environment that can bring stress and chaos can sure test a person’s emotional space. And today, our hosts, list down real situations that tested their emotional intelligence and maturity. Tune in to know their reaction or response to certain situations!

“When the sky is falling, you really need to be able to keep yourself composed and understand the actual facts of the situation and respond to those facts accordingly and appropriately.”

-Mick Olinik

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  • 01:53 – A situation has risen at their children’s school
  • 08:31 – Emotional Intelligence – Claire shares how The Muppet Babies teach EQ
  • 09:45 – How Mick reacted to the car line situation in their children’s Montessori school
  • 16:20 – Remember: Parents are the first in line to teach their children
  • 18:28 – Showing emotional intelligence and emotional maturity in this dynamic world
  • 19:36 – Mick and Claire’s horrible week including a server issue in Rockstar
  • 26:26 – Even if something isn’t your fault, it doesn’t mean you’re not responsible to help and do what you can
  • 28:02 – Emotional intelligence and maturity are gifts
  • 30:37 – How journaling helped Mick and Claire


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