Entrepreneurial Mental Health EP 09

The online life or social media life is something perceived as perfect. It’s that part where humanity kicks in and you start comparing your life to other people, sometimes, without even realizing it. Sometimes life has become too staged that it starts to look like it’s curated — and with that, the burden and stress of keeping up.

Mental health isn’t a topic that’s easy to bring up — it’s either because of the stigma or people just want to avoid being vulnerable. The truth is, vulnerability IS hard. It’s hard to admit that most entrepreneurs just keep on going even if reality is taking a toll on their lives and their mental health. Today, Mick goes all out in authenticity — sharing his experiences as Claire gives her support, understanding, and encouragement to people who are going through and have gone through the same. Listen to know more.

“Online life isn’t necessarily real life”

– Mick Olinik

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  • 02:04 – One Reason Why Mick and Claire started this podcast: Today’s Curated Life
  • 05:09 – Online life is not necessarily real life
  • 05:30 – The mental health of entrepreneurs and their responsibilities
  • 08:38 – It’s okay to recognize that you’re vulnerable and you need to seek help. Mick talks about his substance abuse and his panic attacks
  • 18:15 – The blessing of knowing about what someone is going through
  • 19:09 – The world entrepreneurs: The kings and queens of suffering in silence
  • 20:11 – Mick shares how he’s moved on from that low point
  • 22:42 – Claire on being open and accepting with kindness
  • 28:58 – If you know there’s something wrong, step back and reevaluate your life


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