Calculated Risks & The “F” Hurricanes EP 13

If you have ever been through a hurricane you know that you have to weigh out your options. Do you stay in your home, ride it out at a friends house or do you evacuate? Do you buy pop tarts and beer or water and a first aid kit? That answer is different for everyone depending on your past experiences (or lack of) and where you are at in your life. Mick and Claire share their thoughts on risk assessment for marriage, family, and business and how it can (and should) evolve over time.

“It’s impossible to live a risk-free life. But make sure the risks your taking don’t completely devastate you.”

-Claire Olinik

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2:40 The status of Hurrican Florence at the time of this recording

4:14 Claire’s experience with F named hurricanes Fran and Floyd

6:47 The calculated risks of a pregnant woman in the path of a hurricane

8:39 Claire breaks down the 2 main types of hurricanes

10:45 What is a calculated risk?

14:00 How your risk threshold changes over time

15:46 The importance of knowing your risk threshold in your business

18:35 The importance of self-awareness in your marriage, family, and business

20:00 Claires calculated risk for their marriage: Mick’s hot female best friend

24:18 What risks have you taken?


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