Walking On Broken Glass

Your perspective of the world may be an illusion. In today’s society, women battle the idea that they are weak and men are afraid of women who are able to have a voice. Today’s episode dives deep into the presumptions we all have. Join Mick and Claire as they share their thoughts on why you need to get a grip on reality. Take notes as they explain how you can fight the societal norms placed on each gender.

“Even in our daily actions and verbiage we are consciously or subconsciously making “female” negative.”

-Claire Olinik

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1:55 – The thing Mick didn’t believe existed: Men who are afraid of women because they’re women

5:32 – How society has blinded itself to many significant social issues

8:41 – What everyone needs to realize: The glass shattering experience Mick went through

11:51 – The benefits of Warrior and why you should consider pursuing the same training

14:01 – Different types of fighting and how couples can improve the way you disagree

16:48 – Realizing the problem: Why it sucks to be a woman in 2018

20:52 – How men should support the women in their lives and promote the voice of women

22:47 – Why women are being viewed as weak and how our children are learning this today

24:30 – Society is not awakening: How all of our preconceptions are somehow causing pain


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