Vacation-Proofing Your Business

Taking a vacation is great, and you deserve it after all your hard work. What is not great is compromising your business while you’re away. On today’s episode, Mick and Claire answer one of the listener’s questions on how do you leave your business for a week. Discover how to prepare your business before you go and what to expect. Of course, you also want the vacation to be a great experience for you, your marriage, and family and Claire tackles that too.  

“If you plan for the rogue waves… (and) you make a space for it in your brain, in your schedule, then it doesn’t completely flip your boat.”

-Claire Olinik

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2:53 – How to plan for your vacation and prepare your business before you go

4:30 – Working while on vacation – the pros and cons of online business

5:46 – What you can do if you want a ‘no work as much as possible’ vacation

9:40 – Planning your vacation in advance and knowing what not to do while you’re away

11:47 – Preparing and making sure the vacation will be a great experience for you, your marriage and family

14:54 – Expecting the unexpected – plus how Mick and Claire handled a work emergency while on vacation

18:04 – Mick’s question and Claire’s request for you


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