To Curl or Not To Curl

Are you comfortable with the status quo? Or do you need to transform your life into something you actually like? Mick and Claire use today’s episode to reflect on how transformation happens to everyone. You need to figure out how to translate that transformation process into something positive! Join Mick and Claire to find out how you can start changing for the better.

“Growth comes with consequences.”

-Claire Olinik

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1:56 – Why winter causes problems for families in Michigan

3:33 – Winter is expensive: How winter messes with Mick and Claire’s finances and emotions

5:20 – While your children are growing, you may be surprised how you are transforming too

8:30 – How parents’ growth is similar to their children’s and how you need to prioritize people

12:16 – How you can serve your family by evaluating and managing your personal time

16:29 – Taking transformation to the next level: How pain can be good when you’re changing for a better and more productive life

19:16 – What other people will do when you attempt to transform–you need to be prepared

22:28 – Are you willing to work for your best transformation? Why you need to choose transformation and what you need to do to choose transformation.

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