“The Gap” and Kissing Your Trophies EP 19

With all the hard work that entrepreneurs put in on a daily basis, are they stopping to celebrate their wins?  As a couple, Claire and Mick discuss Dan Sullivan’s concept “The Gap” (the distance between what we want and what we have) and how to stay out of it by kissing your trophies.  

“Are you stopping to celebrate your wins as an entrepreneur?”

-Mick Olinik

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1:32 – Mick’s experience with Strategic Coach

2:13 – Review of “Perform better in Business and in Life”

3:05 –  The distance between what we want and what we have

6:43 – The space between where you are right now and where you want to go

11:15 – It’s not just looking at the horizon, it’s seeing the buoys you pass along the way

13:46 – Dwelling on the negative

21:10 – We invite you to kiss your trophies with us.  Please post on Facebook or our website a win that you have had recently

22:09 – Let’s start from a more positive head-space



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