Being a Man vs Being GOOD at Being a Man

For men and the women who have special men in their lives: What is a GOOD man? Join Mick and Claire as they reflect on what a man should be and how he can become that man. Your idea of a “good man” may be missing more than you think. Listen to today’s episode to find out how you can enhance your manhood and improve your family life.

“Being good at being a man is very difficult because most of us who are men were never actually taught how to be men.”

-Mick Olinik

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1:27 – Introducing Mick’s journey into the Warrior Program and why the women listening to this podcast shouldn’t ignore what is about to happen

3:06 – What the industrial revolution has done to your perspective of being a MAN

5:27 – Father’s, listen up: Why you didn’t learn how to be a man from your father

7:22 – How you can develop yourself into the modern man you and your family need

8:27 – Hear why Mick was “punched in the face” with what he learned at Warrior Week

9:17 – Claire’s perspective of how Mick has changed: How you can become focused and driven as a man

11:42 – Why even how you start your day is affected by your character

14:04 – Steps you can take to being a better man


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