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Mick & Claire Olinik are a dynamic couple that have been together for 12 years - being married for 10 of them. Mick has been a business owner and an Internet entrepreneur for over 20 years, while Claire started her professional career in teaching before diving headfirst into entrepreneurship.  Mick has written several books on tech and business, while Claire is a classically trained soprano, recently performing with her elite choral group, Canticum Novum, at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Mick & Claire reside in Traverse City, Michigan with their two intelligent, funny, charming and rambunctious young sons.

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To Curl or Not To Curl

November 26, 2018

Are you comfortable with the status quo? Or do you need to transform your life into something you actually like? Mick and Claire use today’s episode to reflect on how transformation happens to everyone. You need to figure out how to translate that…

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Welcome to the Marriage Family Business Podcast

September 21, 2018

The Marriage Family Business podcast are for those seeking the full package out of life— self-worth, relationship happiness, family satisfaction and career success.  Join Mick and Claire twice a week as they share the inside details and…

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