The Marriage EP 03

What are you building your relationships on? What do you find important within your relationship with your spouse?  Marriage, the first pillar of the Marriage Family Business podcast, is what Mick and Claire truly believe to be the core component of which the success of all their other relationships are built upon.

Whether it’s family, business or a social the relationship, the success of that relationship is strongly influenced by the health and success of their marriage relationship.

In this episode, Mick and Claire also look at what happens when this relationship is not healthy, such as when a couple wraps their entire relationships around the upbringing of their kids. On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll discover Mick’s go to advice for newlyweds.

“Marriage is not the only relationship that matters but it is absolutely, for us, the one we want to spend the most time honing and making sure is strong.”

-Claire Olinik

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3:30 – Mick’s past relationship experiences

9:22 – Why your relationship with your spouse is arguably more important than your relationship with your kids.

13:40 – A marriage relationship requires more work on yourself than others.

16:05 – The importance of having a marriage relationship that supports other relationships

20:54 – Mick’s advice for all newly married couples

22:40 – What’s ONE piece of advice you give to newly married couples? Tell us here!


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