The Family (Religion, Divorce and Dealing with In-laws) EP 05

What matters and what doesn’t within your family? What relationships come first and which need to be “edited” to make sure the important ones are kept strong?

Who you are is deeply shaped by your environment and your family. This episode breaks down in-laws, religion, divorce and school and how being too authentic can sometimes lead to problems within a relationship. Mick and Claire dive deep into their individual childhood history, family dynamics, and some of the most challenging parts of their relationship to date.

 “The very nature of relationships is that things are constantly changing.”

-Claire Olinik

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2:03 – Claire’s Southern Baptist upbringing, and falling in love with reformed Ukrainian Catholic

4:30 – Mick’s family history, college and moving to the “pinky” of Michigan

7:00 –  Why kids were not on the agenda for the first few years

8:33 – The lowest time in their marriage — the decision to move on or end it

13:00 – The conscious decisions made to expose the children to these specific people and experiences

14:14 – Going to Walt Disney world 1.5 times per year?

20:50 – Making time to nurture other relationships outside of your family

23:30 – How being “too” authentic with certain people can hurt relationships

27:45 – The MOST important relationships to nurture

29:00 – Prioritizing the essential relationships, and editing (or ending) other  relationships


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