The Beginning Patron Day EP 01

On this first ever episode of the Marriage Family Business podcast, Mick and Claire lay down the foundational truths, key questions, and hilarious backstory that lead to the formation of their marriage, family, business and of course this podcast.

Mick and Claire share the story that leads to the creation of their favorite holiday (Patron Day). Also, Mick boils down what it takes to really achieve success in all 3 areas with one key question to ask yourself plus his advice to newly married couples!

“Are you able to be the same person fundamentally no matter what? And if not how can you get there? ”

-Mick Olinik

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7:35 – Why its marriage, family, business and not business, marriage, family podcast?

12:30 – Having it all, the best marriage, family, and business

13:05 – How Mick and Claire met, the birth of Patron Day

19:00 – Patron Day! Why Claire barked at Mick the first time they met

21:15 – The truth about marriage as an entrepreneur

22:23 – The birth of Rockstar before it was Rockstar, how Claire became a reluctant entrepreneur

24:06 – Tip: Don’t live across the road from your inlaws

28:30 – The personal transformation you make as you grow through your marriage, family, and business

29:30 – Mick’s best advice for new married couples

31:32 – The key question of the episode: Are you the same person across all areas and situations in your life?


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