Review of the Warrior Women Event in Laguna Beach, CA – EP 04

On the Marriage Family Business podcast today Mick and Claire dive into the experience of “Warrior” and how its changed both of their lives significantly.

They also discuss finding what’s important in their individual lives, and how to help elevate your own life as a couple.

Mick and Claire both share their stories that lead them to be involved in Warrior. Also, Claire talks about her reactive personality, and the importance of dividing a line between work and her personal life but also finding ways to come together as a couple. Tune in for the full scoop!

“I decided that the woman I’m determined to be is a woman who is proactive in her life.”

-Claire Olinik


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3:05 – Mick’s experience getting into the Warrior world

6:20 – The big reasons behind doing these conferences

8:05 – Claire’s reaction to Warrior

11:25 -The two important pieces of Warrior

13:20 – A very crucial question to ask about your relationship

15:50 – Finding time to be proactive with yourself in a crazy busy life

20:15 – Why it’s important to divide work and our personal life


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