Insane Product Launches & Self Checkout Lines EP 18

Can the same integrity that you use within your business transfer to your marriage? Integrity is a vital piece of marriage, business, and family. Join Mick and Claire as they discuss the many ways to react to change in all areas of life through integrity. Promote long-term relationships and handle growing businesses through your integrity.

“What is real and what is relevant at any given point in time fundamentally may be different than what it was last week.”

-Mick Olinik

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1:50 – Designing your project and knowing your limits

6:39 – Balancing integrity with the health of your company

9:53 – Developing a proper set of standards that promote everyone’s best interests

13:57 – Be willing to be there for your relationships

15:36 – How to handle changing relationships from a place of integrity

17:53 – Grow together to maintain long-term relationships

20:47 – What may have been a reality before may not be a reality now

26:21 – The “evils” of self-checkout


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