Being Clear About Your WHY EP 02

What’s your WHY? Yeah sure, you may say ‘I do it for my kids’ or ‘I do it for my spouse’, well, that’s all good but there is one problem — that’s really general, and doesn’t envoke the emotion that you need behind your WHY. On this episode of the Marriage Family Business Podcast, Mick and Claire Olinik discuss having very clear and specific WHYs in your life. So, grab your spouse, sit down together and listen to the duo explain how to find the Why in life–whether it comes to discovering your daily purpose, or the WHY of your daily actions.

“Where in your life, in your business, your kids, can you identify some very specific WHYs?”

-Mick Olinik

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1:49 Remembering why we are doing this podcast

6:21  You KNOW your overarching WHY

9:08  ‘Negative’ WHYs

13:01 The difference between sorry and actually apologizing

14:18 How to define a WHY

17:40 Be Specific with your WHY in your relationships

19:20 Take Direct Action with your WHYs


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