My Wife, the Control Freak

Does planning for everything make you a control freak?  Is being a control freak good or bad? Mick and Claire discuss how planning, or being a control freak, helps them in their marriage, family, and business. Plus find out how they plan for the rogue waves that are sure to happen.


“Claire is the glue, she provides the structure and direction, she is a bit of a control freak.”

-Mick Olinik



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[6:05] – Claire likes to know her boundaries and work in her “box”

[9:13] – Claire has helped Mick become more disciplined

[13:15] – The Wunderlist

[15:17] – Planning for the business, family, home, and travel

[18:00] – Checking things off of your list

[23:14] – The Dirty Secret

[28:30] – How do you plan for the unplannable?



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