The Elusive Date Night EP 14

Have you ever had a date night go terribly wrong? In this episode, Mick and Claire share their recent “date night debacle” and their key lessons to help you get in a better headspace to do what you want to do without anxiety. Listen in as they share the story about what happened, what went wrong and strategies to help you re-center and GSD (Get shit done) with less stress.


“Be like water and go with the flow. Set it up best you can and live with it.”

-Mick Olinik


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[2:45] – What happens when you don’t feel like doing what’s on your calendar? Can you relate?

[5:20] – How do you combat anxiety and get done what needs to be done?

[6:30] – Strategy #1: Doing the work and taking the action even when it’s not your best work.

[7:20] – The spontaneous Mick, pre-marriage, the power of routine. The lowest hanging fruit to help

[8:33] – Strategy #2 Re- centering, Happy Gilmore and hitting the reset button.

[11:17] – The entrepreneurial condition, driving too hard. How to give yourself a break.

[12:30] – Rescheduling date night and recovering the “date night debacle”

[15:11] – Leaning into what your feeling?

[17:08] – The takeaway: Be like water and go with the flow. Set it up (your schedule)  best you can and live with it.


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